The nursing blogs selected for this award stand out for their very high quality, warmth and passion. They entertain and inspire, while providing a look into what it takes to be a nurse.

These blogs stand out as the very best in nursing.

All winners on this list can include the award badge on their blog.

#1 Head Nurse

Johanne's blog manages to be captivating with very well written posts, a spark of passion, and an ability to present experiences and stories that make for good reading. This blog highly stands out for its quality and interest.

#2 Lost on the Floor

This blog manages to leave a strong impression. The posts are composed with class and cleverness, and take you along as the author, known as 'Wanderer,' as he figures things out. Fun, intriguing and an online page turner.

#3 Emergiblog

Emergiblog by Kim is friendly, good spirited and informative. Kim's been blogging for a while and passionate about nursing, both of which show through in her experienced posting style and community spirit.

#4 madness: tales of an emergency room nurse

Much like the work she does, Madness, is gripping, intense and rarely boring. You get the inside scoop on working in emergency care, with humor and wit tempered by an underlying warmth. This blog is hard to forget - in the best sense.

#5 Codeblog: tales of a nurse

Gina's blog is well known in the nursing blogosphere. She does a great job of mixing information with friendliness and clear writing. This blog quickly captures your attention - and your heart - and keeps you coming back for more.

#6 EDNurseasaurs, Still in the Trenches

Also focusing on the ER, this blog by Xym, is quite informative and entertaining. Regina is a skilled writer, and her posts, often in the form of a story, are absorbing and keep you reading. A blog you'll want to bookmark.

#7 Off the Charts

Coming from the American Journal of Nursing, this blog provides a detailed and thorough look at various topics relating to nursing. It is high quality on a scientific level while also managing to be an engaging and accessible read.

#8 nurseXY

This blog takes a male perspective on nursing and its clever title is a sign of the sharp mind and humor that characterize its posts. It is engaging and enjoyable reading that mixes stories from the trenches with thoughtful insight.

#9 The Underside of Nursing

The central premise to this blog is to turn nursing experiences into rhyme: "He's hoping she'll make it to 105 / Before he puts her in the hole." It's a truly unique experience that manages to be funny, touching, and leaves you thinking

#10 Trauma Queen

Although by a paramedic, not RN, Kal's blog got on our list and we couldn't bring ourselves to remove it. It's that good. His shared experiences are fascinating and at times a bit thrilling. The voice of someone who's seen a few things.

#11 Not Nurse Ratched

Not Ratched's central premise is that it is not by Nurse Ratched, whose blog is well known. Yet we suspect there may be a "Not not nurse ratched blog" sometime. By a former medical writer, this blog is very good.

#12 RehabRN

Focused on working in rehab, this blog is fresh and well written. It makes you both laugh and wince at what patients are up to as they recover, and wonder to some degree how the author does it. It's original and clever.

#13 At Your Cervix

This blog shares the experience of working in the labor and delivery unit for a large hospital. It provides a splendid mix of stories and thought and, occasionally, something just for fun. It manages to be charming, friendly and a good read.

#14 Nurse Story

Nurse story is a guided discovery through the thoughts and experiences of its author. Its goal is to remind readers how important nurses are, and in that it succeeds. Its posts take an open approach that is revealing and touching.

#15 Triumphs and Tribulations of a Student Nurse Practitioner

This blog follows the journey of its author from an RN to a nurse practitioner at age 50 something. It's a reminder that it's never too late to go for your dreams, and you can't help but root for her as she does so.

#16 New Nurse Insanity: Fundus Chop!

Writen by a woman aged 24, this blog is hip and smart while also being surprisingly wise. You get an interesting look into the field of nursing and the perspective of someone who is just starting and shares what she is learning.

#17 Tales of a School Zoned Nurse

This blog by a nurse in a school is lovely. It's fascinating the things what can happen with kids, and the stories of how she deals with them - and their parents - are humorous and sweet. This blog is quite interesting.

#18 BonnieRN

Bonnie, the author of this blog, takes pride in her role as a nurse and consultant. Her posts are full of insight and provide an interesting perspective. Smart and thoughtful, this blog leaves you with new ideas. (Update 2013: This site has gone down)

#19 A Nurse Practitioner's View

Stephen, a nurse practitioner, takes an informed look at various trends and policies affecting health care on this blog. It's a valuable learning experience that's quite enjoyable, marked by sensibility and an ability to present things clearly.

#20 Nursing Research: Show me the evidence!

Coming from the St. Joseph Hospital, this blog presents multiple nursing voices. It is both friendly and scientific, and the mixture of authors keeps the stream of posts lively and original. This is a blog that teaches a great deal.

#21 Digital Doorway

Keith, in addition to being a nurse, is a Laughter Yoga Leader. That and his other activities make his blog stand out as original and fresh. An adventurous spirit and interest in understanding things mean Keith's posts stand out.

#22 New nurse, in the hood

Although not technically an RN, the stories shared on this blog are engaging and draw you in. Short, well composed and thought out, posts manage to balance insight with humor and are light, captivating reading.

#23 The Nursing Site Blog

Kathy is passionate about nursing, which shows clearly through her high quality blog. She tends to focus on issues relating to nurses and does an excellent job of keeping readers updated on issues in the field and changing trends.

#24 Nursing Comments

Coming from Stephanie, this blog provides informative pieces on health topics that are good to know. It is educational and well written, and easy to understand regardless of your background. A blog that really teaches you something.

#25 advance POV: New Grad NP

This community blog presents a variety of nursing voices, specifically nurse practitioners. Chosen for their quality, the authors provide a mix of perspectives that make for enjoyable reading that always stays fresh.

Honorable mention: Nurse Ratched's Place

Nurse Ratched is highly well known in the nursing blogosphere. Her somewhat slowed pace of posting prevented her from inclusion, made in early July, but the list simply wouldn't be complete without her blog.