The mental health NCLEX questions are fairly common and important to be ready for.

They tend to focus on the many different psychological issues that are important to be able to handle while nursing.

Specific topics it tends to focus on include:

How to handle inappropriate behavior

As a nurse, you can encounter certain different behavior when mental health issues may be at play. An often used question type is to ask how you would respond to a certain type of behavior. Suicidal, bipolar, depressive, and schizophrenic behaviors are commonly asked about.

For instance:

A schizophrenic patient says he is scared by the bugs crawling through his room. What is an appropriate response?

You should know how to handle different expressions of suicidal thinking.

Awareness of medication uses

You should know what the common medications used in mental health are and what side effects they have. You should be able to anticipate what medication is used for different mental health symptoms.

It's also a good idea to know what potential side effects and issues may arise from medications. There are a lot of small details and nuances to this.

Common mental health issues

You will be expected to know how to respond to and deal with normal mental health issues that come from being treated for medical conditions. Common questions on this subject include dealing with the concerns of a patient before surgery, or after learning they have a chronic medical condition.

Issues of psychiatric unit

You should know the various legal and medical issues relating to psychiatric units. This includes the reasons that someone can be hospitalized to dealing with patients who may present unique challenges in the psychiatric unit setting.

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